What Others Are Saying About Abbot Cancellation

What Others Are Still Saying About MIT’s Cancellation of Dr. Dorian Abbot

Dr. John Tomasi
President, The Heterodox Academy
Speech at MIT, March 22, 2023
Dialogues Across Differences: Building Community at MIT

Dr. Tomasi on the Abbot Cancellation

Dr. Tomasi on Gaslighting Whether It Was a Cancellation

Dr. Tomasi on Graduate Students’ Cancellation Prerogatives

Bret Stephens
Journalist, The New York Times
University of Chicago, 2023 Class Day Ceremonies
Keynote Speech (Stephens starts at 58:18)

Stephens Comparing MIT to a Groucho Marx Quote

Stephens Contrasting the President of the University of Chicago to the President of MIT