Media and Press in the Abbot Cancellation

 Press Coverage of the Abbot Affair

The following are documents, articles and other coverage of Prof. Dorian Abbot's cancellation from MIT. Click on a title to read the article.

MIT's Free Expression Statement (2022, about the aftermath, with links to the Abbot affair commentary)

The Views That Made Me Persona Non Grata at MIT - Dorian Abbot, Wall Street Journal

A Canceled Talk, and Questions About Just Who Is Politicizing Science - Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed

Illiberal Science - Grant Addison, Washington Examiner

My Soviet Past: Why We Need to be Vigilant About Academic Freedom - Areg Danagoulian, MIT Faculty Newsletter

MIT proposes its own free-expression statement - Jerry Coyne's blog

How ‘Diversity’ Turned Tyrannical - Lawrence Krauss, Wall Street Journal 

Why the Latest Campus Cancellation Is Different - Yascha Mounk, The Atlantic

The Shame of MIT: Canceling Dorian Abbot - Louis K. Bonham, National Association of Scholars

MIT to discuss academic freedom after canceling prestigious lecture over professor’s views - Hiawatha Brey, Boston Globe

M.I.T.’s Choice of Lecturer Ignited Criticism. So Did Its Decision to Cancel - Michael Powell, New York Times

Cancel Culture Has a Lot to Answer For - Peter H. Schuck, Quillette

MIT Canceled a Professor's Guest Lecture Because He Opposes Race-Based Admissions - Robby Soave, Reason

First and Second Letters to MIT on Disinvitation - Academic Freedom Alliance

Dorian Abbot joins 'Tucker Carlson Today'

Cancel culture claims yet another victim: Science - Star Parker, Wilson County News

Geophysicist targeted by woke mob warns that cancel culture leads to violence after his MIT lecture was scrapped because he believes in merit-based admissions - Adriana Diaz, Daily Mail

In scrapping professor’s lecture, MIT gives us a good look at the ills of cancel culture - Susan Krieger, Boston Globe

Geophysicist 'Canceled' by MIT Honored With Award While Thousands Register for His Lecture - Carly Mayberry, Newsweek

Science professor’s MIT lecture cancelled over views on affirmative action - Kevin Reed, World Socialist Web Site

MIT "Could Not Tolerate That a Scientist Be Permitted to Speak About His Uncontroversial Research" - Eugene Volokh

Cancel culture backfires as thousands of students sign up for professor's Princeton lecture - Nikolas Lanum, Fox News

Berkeley Physicist Resigns After Claiming Colleagues Refused to Host 'Canceled' Geophysicist - Emily Crane, New York Post

Meet the two professors working to replace DEI with MFE: ‘Merit, Fairness and Equality’ - Ann Dailey Moreno, The College Fix

MIT Cancels Geophysicist Dorian Abbot's Lecture After Criticism from Students, Professors - Education Desk, News 18

‘He’s no neo-Nazi’: How a cancelled lecture lit a free-speech firestorm - Matthew Knott, Sydney Morning Herald

The New Victim of Cancel Culture: Science - Star Parker, Townhall

Free inquiry and fair admissions: Dorian Abbot, the University of Chicago, MIT and the speech that wasn’t - Editorial Board, NY Daily News

Science canceled - Star Parker, Arkansas Online

Geophysicist canceled from MIT delivers speech in Princeton - Mark Lungariello, New York Post

Princeton director blasts MIT for ‘chilling’ decision to cancel professor’s lecture, thousands log on to hear prof’s science research - Rick Sobey, Boston Herald

The Wisdom of Phoebe Cohen: Intellectual Debate Too Damn White - Williams Liberty Blog