We are the MIT Free Speech Alliance

The MIT Free Speech Alliance, an independent nonprofit founded by Institute alumni, is a key voice in the fight to keep MIT a place for innovation and engagement with diverse perspectives. Since our founding we have supported the passage of speech-protective policies at MIT, including the adoption of MIT’s Statement on Freedom of Expression and Academic Freedom. Our campus events, such as our 2023 debate on academic DEI programs, are open to all members of the MIT community for the purposes of engaging difficult subjects and modeling civil dialogue on contested issues. We stand up for those at MIT wrongly facing censorship or sanction for their expression, and support education to strengthen students’ foundations on the principles of free expression. At more than 1,000 members strong and growing, we’re committed to restoring MIT as a beacon of free expression so that it can remain a beacon of innovation and discovery.

Recent News

September 12, 2023
On Thursday, September 14, the MIT Free Speech Alliance will hold its Inaugural Conference on Free Expression and Academic Freedom in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The theme of the conference is "Building an Open Culture at MIT".
September 8, 2023
MIT improved its position in FIRE's 2024 College Free Speech Rankings, a sign of progress on recent efforts MFSA and the MIT administration have undertaken to promote free expression.
April 30, 2023
The MIT Free Speech Alliance continues to be encouraged by MIT’s recent approach to these events, supporting free speech while fostering civility and respect.

Upcoming Events

Note: This calendar contains information for MIT Free Speech Alliance Events as well as events by our partner organizations and other campus and community events of note.

September 27, 2023
It’s a “year of free speech” on many campuses - what changes do we think will actually occur? Join this Wednesday's Hetero...
September 27, 2023
A fun panel discussion with Prof. Steven Pinker (Harvard), Prof. Jean Seaton (Orwell Foundation Director) and David Taylor (Orwell's officia...
September 28, 2023
The leaders of FIRE's research division host a webinar on the 2024 College Free Speech Rankings, the largest-ever survey of college student ...